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Website Submitter can be used to promote your website on search engines
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Website submitter is a program that can be used to add your website to the search engines. Well, it is not automatic. The program is described by the developers as semi-automated.
You may have tried to create a website or blog to add Google Adsense or other kinds of ads. What we do is create the website, include the ads and then go on searching for the websites to add our links. We often use the tools given in the search engine itself to add a new website or use the popular forums to promote our website. This program does the job of searching for a site.

We see that the program is quite small. The start page asks you about the details of the site, like owner’s name, email ID, the username and password, the type/category of website, keywords(instead of meta tag). We may also add a short description of our website. The second page gives a list of thousands of websites where you can submit your details. They are called ‘directories’. There are free sites as well as paid sites. Filters are there to separate both. We may also opt for websites with Google PR (page rank). The third page is where you browse all the websites selected. We go through all the sites selected and manually enter the details where the program fails to do so. As the submission process for all the sites (directories) is different, the program cannot enter your site details most of the time. We select ‘submitted’ and click ‘Next Submission’ button if we were successful. The last page shows the Submission report.

Well, I liked the program because of the number of directories they have included. But if the program can be automated, it will be worth its price.

Zack Martin
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  • Thousands of websites available for submitting our URL
  • Small Program


  • Need to manually enter data for almost all directories
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